Why Manchester United got a difficult penalty

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Manchester United boss Ole Gunnar Solskjaer has lashed out at a manager. Who once came out to criticize his team’s penalty shootout. As a result, the current directors are especially focus. And refused to blow an easy penalty as before.

  Manchester United manager Ole Gunnar Solskjaer has slammed a rival club’s manager for criticizing the Red Devils for being an easy-going team. As a result, they became the team with the toughest penalties this season. 

     The Red Devils have been disappoint in the penalty shoot-out this season. Especially when Cristiano Ronaldo is fouled twice in the Premier League game against West Ham United last week. While in the last match of the Carabao Cup, Mark Noble pulled Jesse Lingard into the penalty area, but Pao ignored it. 

And don’t even care to watch VAR. This work, Solskjaer slammed the band while giving an interview before the game that will lead the club to a duel against Aston Villa at Old Trafford, saying that Manchester United rarely get a penalty because of a manager. came out to question why his team got less penalties than “Red Devils”

  “We just hope we get what we deserve, we should have got three penalties from the last two games. That’s because one manager was worry about our penalties last year. Come And after that we seem to decide to give us a penalty that will be even more difficult.”

    “I saw a completely different story after that. But you have to leave this to the judges. And hope that they are judged to be soon, “ said the Norwegian. Conclude

 For such a manager, Solskjaer did not mention the name, probably referring to Jurgen Klopp because the Liverpool boss. Had come out to comment in January (lost game to Southampton). About the case that Manchester United had a lot of penalties. 

     However, from the statistics since Solskjaer took charge of Manchester United in October 2018. The “Red Devils” have received 49 penalties. While Liverpool have only 22 in all competitions.