“Clark”, the world’s fastest half-pitch man

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Clark American half-crippled young man He set the world record for the world’s fastest 20-meter run with two hands in 4.78 seconds,

although he is born half-body. But for US boxer Zion Clark, a disable wrestler is able to set a world record. With myself Using physical disabilities to benefit

He currently holds the record for the fastest two-handed sprinting in the world at a distance of 20 meters, with a time of 4.78 seconds on February 15, 2021, at Massillon High School Stadium , Ohio, USA, where he Official statistics confirmed on September 17 this past.

Olympic gold medalist

To set this world record. Zion Clark is brought in by former Olympic gold medalist Butch Reynolds.1988 USA National Team 4×400 Meter Relay Become a trainer. As soon as the world record is reach. He reveal to Guinness World Records,

“Everybody is excited, I’m excite, my girlfriend is excited. It’s only a moment I have no excuses. I always have to work on the body that I have. Because I don’t have other body parts that people have. I have to train in the right way to be successful and be ready to go on to set world records.”

For Zion Clark, he was born with Caudal Regression Syndrome, a rare condition. It is characterize by abnormal development of the tip of the lower spine at the tip of the tail. He said,

“In my case, my mother didn’t take care of her body. While she was pregnant. She uses a variety of drugs. And that made me flawed. It made my life more difficult. Because I had to go through two different back surgeries. So that I can sit up straight.”

In the future, he has a goal of competing in the Paralympics. Wrestling and wheelchair racing at the 2024 Olympics in Paris, France.