Carlos Queiroz has announced his departure from Egypt

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Carlos Queiroz has announced his departure from Egypt as head coach. Responsible for not being able to lead Pharaoh’s team through to the 2022 World Cup final to Qatar successfully.

World Cup qualifying play-off round Africa zone yesterday, ‘ Pharaoh ‘ lost Senegal 0-1 , aggregate results of two games, draw 1-1 , dragging the ufabet game to extra time and penalties . It appears Queiroz ‘s team killed worse than lost. go 1-3 

That led the Portuguese to make a statement via his personal Twitter account that he stepped down despite having just taken charge of the team in September 2021 because he was unable to lead the Egyptian national team to the fourth World Cup. succeed.

“ The dream has come to an end. Last night we tried our best but it wasn’t enough , ” he tweeted through his account. @Carlos_Queiroz

“ Speak from the bottom of your heart. I am grateful that the Egyptian Football Federation has the honor of being the head coach of the national team. ”

“ To my players , all the staff appreciate and will remember working together. Thank you very much. You guys will always be in my heart. ”

“ It is my luck to receive this job. Get help from all the dedicated parties. act professionally and a good friend. ”

“ Without you guys In my life, nothing good can happen. I’m really proud of all the players. ”

“ I would like to send my deepest best wishes to all Egyptian football fans. ” 

It was Egypt ‘s sixth straight month after reaching the Africa Cup of Nations final and losing on penalties to Senegal.